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Luca Electric provides the highest level of electrical services in every stage of construction. We have the skills, knowledge and experience to provide our clients with quality craftsmanship in a timely manner.

Commercial Electrical Services

More and more commercial builders and owners choose to rely on their electrical contractor for total design/build responsibility because it gives them greater input and control. Single source responsibility also makes it much simpler for them to make changes as needed.

As a design/build electrical contractor, we like being able to provide the maximum impact on electrical system quality, efficiency and economy. The systems and components we design can include power, lighting, fire alarms, telephone, data, and emergency backup power systems depending on the specific job. The result is a more efficient, economical way to accomplish the intent of the design, and reduces the number of changes needed during construction.

We’ve worked on a wide range of commercial projects so you can be sure that we’ll be able to provide the system capability, efficiency and timing you want.

From 5,000 square foot tenant improvement and remodeling projects to 1,000,000 square foot commercial buildings. Luca Electric has the experience to successfully complete your design/build project.

Thermography Services

Thermographic scans of equipment are noncontact, nondestructive surveys. Unlike an arbitrary system torque and tightening procedure, a thermographic scan doesn’t require you to de-energize equipment, which will save you losses in production or increases in payroll from scheduling the work during overtime hours.

Luca Electric is certified to provide accurate, reliable, thermographic scans of your facility, and has the electrical force to repair many problems found, most of the time during the survey.

With thermal imaging we can:

  • Locate electrical issues in switchboards, panels, buss duct, buss plugs, safety switches, lighting contactors, and transformers
  • Locate overheating of motors, pulleys, bearings, gearboxes and belts on equipment
  • Determine tank levels and the buildup of sludge in the tanks
  • Locate bearing failures in conveyors
  • Locate air duct leaks in the heating system
  • Locate issues with under floor heating systems

Design Build Services

Construction managers, general contractors, and owners and managers of a full range of commercial businesses have relied on Luca Electric since 1987 for skilled design and construction of their new facilities. Luca Electric’s engineer and designers can provide customized electrical power and lighting systems to fit the owner’s needs and desires. Then Luca Electric’s crew of highly trained commercial electricians installs the system.

Electrical systems by Luca Electric include the most effective distribution of power, maximum safety, use of highly efficient materials and tools, compliance with all local codes, and complete customer satisfaction.

Emergency Backup Power Services

You can lose your electrical power for a variety of reasons – Brownouts, severe storms, Utility transformer failures. How long could you afford to be without electricity? With Luca Electric’s complete Emergency Standby Power Systems you can connect your standby power source to the specific circuits you want energized: lighting, heating, refrigerator, freezer, IT equipment, security system, etc.

Complete Standby Power Systems Include:

  • Partial or whole-building generator backup systems, fueled by Diesel, Natural gas, or Propane.
  • Manual or automatic transfer upon normal power loss.
  • Complete Professional Electrical Installation Product Line of Kohler, Cummins, Onan, Generac, & Detroit Diesel
  • Turn-key installation



Partnering has been very beneficial to the owners of each individual project and Luca Electric. Partnering has allowed us to deal directly with the owner, which in turn has saved them time and money on projects. It allows sub-contractors to express concerns immediately when they arise, and gives other trades time to make adjustments as necessary, cutting out the typical “red tape” that adversely affects many projects. 

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We have the skills, knowledge and experience to provide our clients with quality craftsmanship in a timely manner.